Fabletics Partners with Kevin Hart to “Fix What’s Wrong With Men’s Activewear” by Creating Fabletics Men

by Tom Smith

Fabletics, the innovative activewear brand launched by TechStyle Fashion Group in 2013, introduces Fabletics Men, a new activewear label with a singular mission to “cater to guys that the older performance brands have left behind.”

Fabletics Men is headlined by actor, comedian and businessman Kevin Hart, who is collaborating on a foundational level with TechStyle. Their mission: offer a curated, high-performance, confidently-cool line designed to make men feel “they’ve finally got an activewear company that’s 100% in their corner.”

“The activewear space wants to intimidate,” says Hart. “To get you to spend way too much cash on complicated tech you don’t need. On overpriced labels. On streetwear that tries too hard to be cool.

“But at Fabletics Men? We’re going to give you exactly what you want at a price that won’t scare the hell out of you.”

TechStyle Co-CEO and Co-Founder Don Ressler “looked to Kevin to provide a true guiding vision and voice for Fabletics Men. He’s the DNA for the entire brand.

“Kevin called out the problem: a lot of older performance labels pressure you to be something you’re not. Fabletics Men works 24-7 to provide gear that works for the wearer – not the other way around.”

For Fabletics Men, arriving as a newcomer in the men’s activewear space demanded a groundbreaking, problem-solving approach. That meant performing exhaustive research across a wide range of prospective members to identify a list of true pain points within the category.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder Adam Goldenberg emphasizes that TechStyle’s “flexible membership-based business model mandates a truly connective relationship with our customers. We do a lot of listening. Because we can’t think of our members as one-time customers. Our brands are active communities.

“TechStyle’s brands succeed because we strive to innovate based on direct asks from our members.”

The result: a true problem-solving brand. Fabletics Men dials up performance and design while removing the guesswork and anxiety that accompanies the everyday shopping experience.

Fabletics Men aims to succeed by “obsessively focusing” on four bedrock areas: fit, function, feel and style.

At the same time, the pieces are also designed to provide a high-level aesthetic cohesion that styles you throughout your day. Fabletics Men looks to give its members gear that can stand alone and stand out, while existing within a broader design framework.

Fabletics Men will offer a curated line of foundational layers, high-performance activewear tops and bottoms, pre and post workout pants, joggers, hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts. The brand will be sold at Fabletics.com as well as in all 40 Fabletics retail locations across the country.

One of the world’s fastest growing global activewear brands, Fabletics has surpassed more than $400 million in annual revenue with over 1.5 million active members. According to Ressler, “Fabletics Men marks a transformational milestone for the brand at large.”

Excitement and demand for Fabletics Men is already at unprecedented levels unseen in TechStyle history. Its initial beta run of product completely sold out and there is now a quickly growing waitlist to shop the All-Access Launch in late April.

The brand is placing particular emphasis on developing and cultivating “The Crew”; the fast-growing Fabletics Men community. “The Crew” is built on charitable giving, wellness strategies and community outreach. The goal: build a thriving community known for positivity, warm humor and emotional encouragement.

And as millions adjust to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fabletics Men is moving to deliver aid to those in need. Through the end of May, 20% of Fabletics Men’s net proceeds will go to Heart to Heart International, pledging at least $50,000 to help distribute urgently needed equipment and medication to partners in the U.S. and around the world.

“Every man is going to want to put our ‘F’ on his chest,” says Hart. “Because it’s going to stand for the best damn activewear – period. But that ‘F’ will also stand for something bigger. That ‘F’ says that someone has got your back.”

Photo Credit: Fabletics

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